Posted by: sunnymesainfo | April 27, 2010


When is the right time to fertilize? Consider these four factors: climate, grass type, the fertilizer being used, and how you want your lawn to look. I know I want my lawn looking great and you probably do as well – in order for this to happen, fertilizing at least twice a year is a must. Fertilization is the least understood but one of the most important elements of our landscape.

There are two types of grasses: Warm Season & Cool Season. Each grass has its own growing season, which requires a different schedule for fertilizing. For the future, it is best to apply fertilizer when your lawn is actively growing. If you fertilize with nitrogen while your lawn is dormant, you can encourage weed growth, and ultimately waste fertilizer.

Warm season grasses grow during the summer months when it is warm, which requires fertilizing shortly after spring has sprung and in the late summer months. Cool season grasses tend to have two growing periods. The first is after the lawn’s return from winter dormancy and the second is during the early fall, when temperatures moderate and droughts and heat waves typically are gone.

Many times, we pour massive doses of fertilizer that is high in nitrogen and then wonder why we have insect and disease problems. These problems are stimulated by high synthetic nitrogen intake that makes our plants more susceptible to insects and disease problems. Plants are not meant to grow in spurts, but through a slow progression of soil building with such products as manure, compost and other natural organic products.

Now is the time to fertilize for the summer months. Call Sunny Mesa Landscaping to schedule a time for us to fertilize your lawn 480-832-3504.


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