Posted by: sunnymesainfo | May 7, 2010

Annual Flowers

Annual flowers are plants that grow from seed to seed and need to be replanted each year. They provide year round color and do a great job of filling in a space and providing color during any lag times. When you use  annual flowers in your garden there should never be a time when something is not in bloom. One of the great things about annuals is there is no long term commitment to them. Your garden can have a new look each year with a minimum investment.

Annual flowers can brighten up your lawn by adding a dash of color. They also come in a big array of sizes – ranging from 12-36 inches. Arranging the different sizes in your garden can give it depth and a unique look. Tall annual flowers grow just fine on their own – behind shorter ones or in front of taller ones.

Arizona doesn’t get the best moisture, so you’re probably wondering what annual flowers to plant. Many annuals have a long growing season in Arizona. The only thing you really have to worry about is the summer heat. Most annuals do pretty well, but consider giving them some shade in the hotter months, and cover them during frosts and this will extend their bloom time. For dry climate areas the best annual flowers to plant would be:





Another great annual flower are marigolds. They do exceptionally well in Arizona and thrive most of the year including most of summer.

For more questions regarding annual flower or if you would Sunny Mesa Landscaping to plant some for you, please give us a call at 480-832-3504.


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