Posted by: sunnymesainfo | May 19, 2010

Tree Trimming

Trees can be of value to your family and home. If you’re thinking about planting trees in your yard, know that they can increase your property value. It is crucial to prune your trees regularly to avoid major damage during a storm. If you prune properly it will prolong the lives of your trees.

You will notice that each tree variety is different when it comes to pruning them. Mentioned below is a great pruning process that will keep your trees groomed and healthy. Follow this process for the best results:

March & April – Deciduous Trees: Everything is in bloom. Heavy fruit, seed, and flower production is taking place. Some trees will shed foliage to put energy into fruit or flower production. Don’t be alarmed by this. Ash and African Sumac are tree varieties that can get very heavy at this time. Pruning may be necessary to prevent limb failure. Do not allow any tree arborist or landscaper to “thin” an Ash tree. They should only be slightly “elevated” and or “crown reduced” no more than 20% to be on the safe side. The outer leaves shut down during super hot days and the inner leaves are the only ones left to produce the starches that are needed for survival. If thinning is done on Ash trees, 10% die out will occur every year until the tree can’t survive any longer. Bark and Cambium on trees are very sensitive in April. Injury to bark can easily occur if not careful during pruning process, so I make sure to wear soft footwear while climbing trees this time of year (no logger boots).

May through July – Palm Trees: Hold off on pruning palms until early to mid-summer, depending on variety.

November through March – Pine Trees:

  • Pruning – The best time to prune your pine trees is during winter months. Pines tend to be very messy when pruned in the summer due to sap dripping out of the pruning cuts. Pruning your pine trees during the cooler months of the year will help keep your sidewalks, homes, cars and children as clean as possible. On some pines once the interior foliage is removed it will not grow back. For this reason, interior thinning should be done conservatively on pine trees. Mainly dead wood and heavy end weight on tips of branches should be removed. It is also a good idea to inspect the structure for any potential hazards, splits, inclusions between large branch attachments, excessive end weight, or tree imbalance that results in a heavy lean. Dead wood in any tree can increase the chance of a fungal infection.
  • Watering – It is very important to continue watering pine trees regularly through the winter months. Some area pine trees are native to climates where they would normally get the majority of their water by rainfall in the winter months.

February through April – Citrus Trees: Citrus season is in the late winter or early spring. It’s best to prune citrus trees just before the flowering of the new year’s fruit. Fertilization of citrus should be done just after fruit sets and fruit is about ¼” in diameter.

Spring & Fall – Planting: We are nearing the end of prime weather for planting new trees. Mild weather during spring and fall are preferable for planting in the Phoenix area.

Article contributed by Dan Stevens, Certified Arborist, and owner of Living Tree Service.

For more information on trimming your treesn or tree removal, please call Sunny Mesa Landscaping at 480-832-3504.


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